This compact machining centre is intended for surface machining and three dimensional contouring by milling and drilling. It will find its use namely in machining of the models and moulds and wherever the precise and productive machining of composites, aluminium, plastic materials, wood, etc. is required. 

Working stroke

X-axis 3 000 mm
Y-axis 1 500 mm
Z-axis 1 070 mm
The linear movement of X-axis takes place via hardened, cemented and consequently ground rack with involute gear system – GANTRY SYSTEM. The linear movement of Y-axis and Z-axis takes place via the precise ball screw with automatic central lubrication of the nut.

The spindle output is 18 kW.

Modular design of the machine, its versatility, technical parameters, abundant accessories and equipment allow for covering a very wide scope of production area and the machine can be adapted for different type of product very quickly.